Top CBD Oil Uses & Benefits

Cannabidiol (CBD) – Introduction

More and more US states have started legalizing marijuana; this has led to the popularity and rise in marijuana and marijuana extracts. CBD, short for cannabidiol is a non-intoxicating extract from the cannabis plant. CBD does not have the high that is associated with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), it is not a psychoactive agent, and therefore, it does not alter with your mind. CBD oil is contained in an inert oil such as coconut or hemp seed oil, the oil is used as a carrier for the CBD, the oil is known as a tincture and is sold in different concentrates. There are other various forms of CBD like capsules, under the tongue sprays and CBD gummies, and it all boils down to one’s preferences.

Here are some of the top uses for CBD:

● Treating Anxiety

CBD has grown popularity over the years due to its ability to treat anxiety disorders. In a study done in 2005, the investigation demonstrates that CBD has anxiolytic(anxiety-relief) effects on animal research coupled with some counterintuitive results. In many studies, lower doses of CBD like 10mg per kg were better suited to treat anxiety; higher (100mg per kg) doses were seen to have no particular effect in treating anxiety. According to, this is due to how CBD acts in the brain. CBD acts as an agonist; this means that it makes the opposite response when it is binding to a receptor. A low dose may produce a positive result while a high dose can cause the brain to be overwhelmed; the brain will initiate a self-defense mechanism that will counteract the CBD.

● Treating Addiction

CBD oil online can offer relief to those who are suffering from drug addiction; this has been proven by studies that were done in 2015. In the analysis of all the studies, nine involving animals and five involving humans, CBD showed a lot of promising results to treating people who had been addicted to opioids, cocaine and psychostimulant addiction.

However, all drugs showed different findings when CBD was used to treat the addiction. Opioid addiction, CBD showed little effect in reducing the withdrawal effects without the presence of THC. CBD on its own proved effective in lowering drug-seeking behaviors in people who use cocaine, methamphetamine, and psychostimulant drugs. CBD may also help in kicking nicotine and cannabis addiction.

● Treatment Of Nerve Pain

Medical marijuana has been in the limelight for being prescribed to people with terminal cancer and those with intractable pain. CBD has been seen to provide relief to these effects. In one study done on rats in 2012, they were injected with inflammatory chemicals in their feet. The rats experienced less Inflammation and pain when they were introduced to an oral and spinal injection dose of CBD.

CBD is continuing to gather popularity and its stamping its presence in the market due to its various benefits. Both humans and animals can use CBD with minimal side effects, those looking to use marijuana products that do not contain THC, CBD oil is the best alternative because CBD does not make anyone high.